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CTC Inc.

Our goal is to deliver control solutions for HVAC, access control, video security management, lighting control, and energy efficiency to commercial owners and operators.  This integration of multiple systems allows for less energy, tightens security, speeds response times and maintains optimal environments for occupants. 


CTC Inc. offers building automation solutions to the commercial, industrial, and educational markets. Building automation systems integrate multiple systems in a manner that benefits the customer and maintains the highest level of control.


Each level of our building automation systems can be graphically displayed using our Schneider Electric software.  Each graphic slide is custom developed to your building and your requirements.  Features within the software such as remote access, Web based graphics and emailing of alarms allows you to easily manage your building while you away.


Proper integration of the building systems enables the building performance to match the users.  A simple use of your access card can open the doors, raise the heating setpoint in your office, and turn on your office and hallway lighting.  Swipe your access card on the way out and the doors will lock, lights will be commanded off, and unoccupied setpoints are enabled.  Use the remote access feature to view reports and trends, monitor who used the property and when, even remotely view a video of when they arrived and where they went while on site.


Already have equipment in place? Our software and our products are native BACnet to interface with other manufacturer's products.

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